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We were captivated by the genuine quality of life in Montemaggiore (pronunciation: mohn tay ma JOHR ray), a small mountain village in southern Italy where organically-grown food and hand-crafted products abound.

Old World Heritage, New World Wines

Our personal Montemaggiore is a small mountainside country estate in Sonoma County where we, the Ciolino family, grow grapes and olives for our hand-crafted wines and olive oils. Our family values are true to our ancestral home, that small mountain village called Montemaggiore Belsito in southern Italy—we live in harmony with the land, keep close family ties, and enjoy wonderful food and festivity. Here in Sonoma County, our dream is to produce exceptional red wines and olive oils, by hand, with pride and personal care.

In Harmony with the Land

Montemaggiore's mission is to consistently produce world-class Syrahs and olive oils in a sustainable manner. We intend to produce exceptional wines vintage after vintage, attainable with our extraordinary estate grapes. We also intend to be good stewards of the land, growing our grapes and olives using organic and Biodynamic® farming practices. Ultimately, we want to produce wine that you are proud to share with your friends and family.

Close Family Ties

Montemaggiore is all about family—and our winemaking family is both small and large. At the core, we are rather small: Vincent the winegrower, Lise the winemaker, Paolo the future winery owner, and Zeppli, our faithful dog. The extended family that helps us fulfill our dreams is very large. Of course our blood relations are too numerous to count (after all, it is an Italian family) living from Italy to Florida to Chicago. But also there's our adopted winemaking family who helps make us successful. We want to say a special thank you to all our family!

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